28 highly qualified and diverse staff from eleven different countries contribute to providing finance and expertise for sustainable bonds. EUROFIMA supports undertakings that make a significant input to growth and employment in Europe. The ultimate goal of EUROFIMA – through its employees – is to contribute to building a sustainable future for Europe and the wider world by assisting in furthering economic and social development. EUROFIMA offers a work environment where people can achieve their professional goals while maintaining a work-life balance, with professional development opportunities through training, internal mobility, and career growth. A competitive remuneration package is commensurate with staff responsibilities and challenges.

EUROFIMA aims to provide a positive work environment, encouraging staff not only to act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations but also to work together in a culture of mutual support and cooperation contributing to effective business ethics and a compliance culture which guides the company’s behaviours and actions. In this regard, EUROFIMA strives to ensure the following: 

  • Promote a balanced distribution of nationalities, gender and age in its selection process putting emphasis on personal and professional qualifications and experience.  
  • Provide equal opportunities irrespective of gender (gender identity or intersex status), nationality, religion, age or ethnicity, immigration status and country of origin (as far as authorised by Swiss labour law), respecting and appreciating differences amongst individuals in the company. All staff members contribute with diverse perspectives, experience, knowledge, and culture. 
  • Run regular employee surveys to solicit candid, anonymous feedback on needs and expectations to enable identification of areas for improvement. 

Governing Sustainability within Social dimension

EUROFIMA’s Sustainability Committee coordinates actions and oversees the projects in the organization related to sustainability. The Sustainability Committee is composed of Heads of departments and representatives from the Treasury & Asset Management, Capital Markets, Accounting & Controlling, Risk Management, Human Resources and Financial Planning & Analysis units. The Sustainability Committee does not only enable cross-unit coordination and ensure best practices in EUROFIMA’s activities but also recommends project selection. 
As part of the Sustainability Committee, several workstreams were developed. Among these workstreams, there is one that focuses on Human Resources and Staff Development, covering areas including but not limited to: career development planning, employee satisfaction monitoring and promoting activities for its improvement, monitoring and promoting work-life balance and monitoring and promoting diversity.