At EUROFIMA, we are striving to improve the overall well-being of the European citizens by promoting the most sustainable mode of public transport, creating jobs and ensuring decent working conditions and development opportunities for our employees. Join us on our journey in shaping a more caring, fulfilling and safer future for everyone.

Fostering Safe Mobility and Economic Development

The rail transportation sector plays a key role in furthering social cohesion, which in turn contributes to the overall improvement of people’s lives. Further development of international and regional rail lines promotes sustainable cross-border and domestic trade. Rail development, particularly regional and suburban, also aids in furthering labor mobility and social integration in an increasingly interconnected and diverse Europe. Moreover, according to the European Union Agency for Railways, rail transport represents one of the safest modes of transport with overall passenger fatality rate of 0.04 passenger fatality per billion passenger kilometer, compared to 0.22 for coaches and 2.45 for cars. [1]

Responsible employer

EUROFIMA currently employs 28 highly educated, qualified, and motivated professionals who actively contribute to the organisation’s success. Our staff are one of our most important assets and it is our goal to provide a sustainable, diverse, and rewarding working environment that fosters competence, commitment, and cooperation and where all employees are treated with dignity and respect.

[1] ERA (European Union Agency for Railways). 2020. Report on Railway Safety and Interoperability in the EU. Accessible here.