Fixed and variable compensation gap

EUROFIMA is very committed to rewarding performance and paying all our employees fairly. Our approach to compensation is not biased by gender, age, belief, sexual orientation, disability and cultural background. On a yearly basis, we review the compensation of every employee to ensure that we pay equally for equivalent roles/experience and contribution to the company’s success.

The identified gender pay gap is not a result of unequal pay. It is the result of the higher proportion of men in senior roles, especially at the senior management level. Excluding the senior management compensation, the mean pay gap on the total compensation would only amount to 12% (2022: 19%).

The table below shows the mean and median pay gap on the fixed salary, the variable and the total compensation between all men and women within EUROFIMA.

EUROFIMA promotes equal opportunity and inclusion throughout its staff. All permanent employees, regardless of their gender, age, belief, sexual orientation, disability and cultural background who have worked at EUROFIMA during the financial year are bonus eligible.

For the year 2023, all of our employees working on a permanent contract received a variable compensation.