EUROFIMA’s Management Committee promotes a balanced diversity and equal treatment among employees and seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect, has equal opportunities to make the most of their professional development and talents, and feels valued.

EUROFIMA’s approach to diversity and inclusion is based on promoting and valuing variety with respect to nationalities, gender, and age.

Cultural diversity: the staff of EUROFIMA consists of ten different nationalities with more than 60% being non-Swiss. Our culture is inclusive and collegiate. We preserve diverse teamwork that fosters decision making and creative discussion, which is essential for the success of the company. 

Gender diversity: EUROFIMA is committed to build a gender balanced workforce across different teams and levels. We hire people based on their competences, skills and professional experiences and we promote equal opportunities for leadership trainings, on demand mentorships for career development and promotions for both men and women. As of 2023 year-end, the ratio between female and male employees was 30%:70%.

Age diversity: EUROFIMA fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing between young professionals and experienced employees. We actively promote age-diverse teams and reciprocal mentoring relationships (where experienced professionals mentor young ones and the other way around). An optimal mix of the experience of older colleagues and the new skills that young professionals bring is essential for sustainable success. In 2023, the distribution of employees per age group was as follows: 7 employees (under 35 years old); 8 employees (35-44 years old); 7 employees (45-55 years old) and 5 employees (above 55 years old). 

To foster understanding of diversity among our employees, we offer specialized trainings on Diversity and Inclusion.

By moving to new premises as of February 2022, we are taking a step forward towards the inclusion of people with physical disabilities.