Our staff are one of our most important assets and we support our employees by providing them with various training opportunities, seminars, and conferences to help them advance in their roles and personal growth (the average training days/year/employee are 5 days). We aim to increase the training volume to an average of 10 working days/year gradually over the next 5 years. Further, we encourage our employees to take part in job rotation possibilities across the company’s different units through cross functional moves. This is how we further support employees career development and widen their scope of knowledge, while at the same time developing a strong base to ensure coverage at an event of labor shortages.

The table below provides an overview of the human development measures and targets:

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EUROFIMA supports job specific learning programs for all its employees. Programs that are regularly taken include, but are not limited to, CFA Program, Certificate in ESG Investing, ICMA training and conferences, and other relevant conferences to ensure staff stay up-to-date on relevant market developments in their specific fields. Individual training plans are monitored on an individual basis as part of the performance review (at least twice a year) and coordinated with the Management Committee and Human Resources to ensure the best outcome according to the needs of the employees and the company.  Furthermore, managerial and leadership development is adapted to the individual needs and trainings focusing on internal upward mobility are provided.

All EUROFIMA staff have access to a wide range of learnings in various areas. The range of learnings covers a variety of topics, from the Ethical Standard, Health and Safety, Code of Conduct and Diversity to legal topics such as Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery & Corruption and ESG risks. Furthermore, EUROFIMA employees, and especially IT staff, receive regular training on cybersecurity measures. Regular IT audits ensure the professional implementation and control of cybersecurity measures.