EUROFIMA protects its employees by creating a healthy and safe working environment, preventing work-related illness and accidents, maintaining a good working and functional ability of its employees. 

In 2022, EUROFIMA relocated to a new building. The new office premises offer more natural light and have a high-tech air circulation system in place that helps to improve the air quality. This should ultimately affect employees’ health, cognition, and productivity. 

Following the relocation, EUROFIMA has established a Health and Safety Committee consisting of a Safety Officer and a Deputy Safety Officer. The Health and Safety Committee is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of our employees and developing an emergency plan that includes activities, such as organizing first aid courses and evacuation drills in the event of fire, as well as ensuring compliance with the requirements of current legislation in the area of health protection.

Furthermore, EUROFIMA aims to provide appropriate support to each employee in case of mental health problems, i.e., adjustments regarding workload, content and working hours for affected employees. It supports return-to-work programs in adapting the organizational structure and implementing the necessary prevention measures to avoid mental health issues.