EUROFIMA views its approach to sustainability from an inward-outward perspective. While it fulfils its public mission in supporting the development of a sustainable form of transport, EUROFIMA also aims to enact internal measures that ensure its business practices are in-line with its mission to support a low-carbon future and social integration. Therefore, EUROFIMA has internal policies in place that support the following:

  • Environmental awareness: EUROFIMA promotes and encourages sustainable initiatives coming from its employees in the area of office management and supplies, mobility and waste management.
  • Low-carbon transport: employees receive annual passes for local public transportation and an annual allowance for travelling by railway worldwide.
  • Diversity: the staff of EUROFIMA consists of eleven different nationalities with more than 50% of the staff being non-Swiss.
  • EUROFIMA has a consistent record of low employee turnover with the average tenor of employment being 9.9 years per end of 2020, and an overall turnover rate of 3% for 2020.
  • Continuing education: EUROFIMA views education as a life-long process and it has measures in place to encourage and to provide financial assistance to employees in advancing their professional competencies.
  • Management ESG commitment and support: A variable part of the executive directors' pay is tied to ESG performance targets of the company, equally-weighted across human capital development, environmental performance, responsible investing and ESG integration, and ethical behaviour and governance.
  • Business behaviour: in line with best practices, internal and external control systems are in place to ensure proper functioning of business operations. In particular, EUROFIMA has Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Financial Crime policies in conformity with applicable laws.