Situation: How is our business environment?

A paradigm shift is happening - societies and organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and social consequences of their actions. Boosting rail travel is seen as the solution towards carbon neutral transportation addressing climate change problem. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects are becoming an essence in doing business and the purpose of investments and financings. 

Opportunity: Why us and why now?

We have the unique opportunity to make a significant contribution to the urgent global ambition of limiting the effects of climate change through our financings of railroad passenger transport, one of the most sustainable modes of transportation. This will help us to shape the future of mobility and foster EUROFIMA’s success as the leading financing partner for sustainable public transportation in Europe.  

Objectives: What do we want to achieve?

  1. Become the financing partner of choice for railway operators due to our compelling cooperative model, efficient decision-making processes and flexible, tailor-made solutions.

  2. Secure more competitive pricing for our partners by meeting bond investors’ demand for pure-play investments in sustainable mobility.

  3. Promote sustainable financing via our loans to railways and sharing of best-practices in the financial markets and beyond.

  4. Maintain a resilient investment portfolio with integrated ESG considerations in our investment process and engage with our investees to further increase ESG awareness and to trigger positive change.

  5. Continue being a great place to work with an inclusive and diverse environment which attracts and retains top talents for our environmental and social mission.

  6. Combine agility, efficiency, and sustainability into our daily operations while maintaining a strong governance for our processes.

Commitment: Why do we believe in this opportunity?

We commit ourselves to perform all our activities in a sustainable manner and to be active promoters of our mission to shape environmentally friendly and affordable public transportation that unites Europe. The successful achievement of our objectives will position EUROFIMA as the preferred financing partner for railway operators and will lead to the sustainable growth of our business activities.