The Treasury & Asset Management unit follows ten principles in relation to its portfolio management, governance, as well as the professional conduct of its staff.

Principle 1: Portfolio Objectives

We define our objectives based on the rationale behind the dedicated portfolio which in turn depends upon the corresponding source of funding (i.e.; debt capital, equity capital, collateral for derivatives).

Principle 2: Investment Strategy

We build our investment strategy with regards to our objectives. We regularly assess the asset allocation and adapt our investments to changing market conditions.

Principle 3: Implementation and Performance Measurement

We invest our assets in line with our objectives, our investment strategy and within applicable limits. We measure our performance against benchmarks in order to monitor the achievement of our investment goals.

Principle 4: Risks and Diversification

We achieve our return targets while minimizing required risks and ensuring an appropriate diversification across instruments, maturities, currencies, sectors and regions. We only invest in instruments that we fully understand and are implementable in our systems.

Principle 5: ESG Integration

We commit ourselves to the inclusion of ESG considerations (i.e.; Environmental, Social and Governance) within our investment decisions according to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Principle 6: Operational Excellence and Best Execution

We implement efficient and comprehensive investment processes.
We realize our investment strategies in a cost-efficient manner, avoiding unnecessary trading and ensuring best execution.

Principle 7: Innovation and Digitalization

We foster creative ideas, enable critical thinking and maintain openness to innovations. We enable digital transformation and actively seek to improve processes via digital solutions.

Principle 8: Education and Best Practice

We view education as a life-long process that we facilitate with continuous training. We actively attend conferences and follow developments in the investment industry. We interact with
our peers to share best practices.

Principle 9: Relationship Management

We provide equal information to all stakeholders with an open communication approach. We cultivate active and meaningful relationships with selected counterparties to establish fair, transparent and trustworthy long-term cooperation


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Principle 10: Ethics and Reputation

We always act in line with EUROFIMA’s Code of Conduct to
maintain the organization’s reputation in the financial markets.
We avoid conflicts of interest.