The Capital Markets unit follows ten principles regarding its funding and hedging activities as well as the professional conduct of its staff.

Principle 1: Objectives

We define the objectives of our activities such that we ensure the best outcome to satisfy our customers’ needs and our internal liquidity requirements. We aim with our investor relations work to promote EUROFIMA’s overall strategic goals and our public mission.


Principle 2: Funding Strategy

We quarterly review, assess, and define our funding strategy with respect to funding and hedging activities. We monitor changing conditions and evaluate opportunities in various funding markets.

Principle 3: Performance Measurement

We execute all of our transactions in line with our objectives, our funding strategy and within applicable limits. We measure our performance against peers and benchmarks to monitor the achievement of our funding objectives.

Principle 4: Risks and Diversification

We achieve our funding objectives while minimizing required risks and ensuring access to various instruments, tenors and currencies. We only execute funding and hedging transactions which we fully understand, and which are implementable in our systems.

Principle 5: Sustainable Finance

We commit ourselves to promoting sustainable finance in the financial industry. We play an active role in raising awareness of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics in the investor community.

Principle 6: Operational Excellence and Best Execution

We implement efficient and comprehensive funding and hedging processes. We realise our funding strategies in a cost-efficient manner, avoiding unnecessary activities and ensuring best execution.

Principle 7: Innovation and Digitalization

We foster creative ideas, enable critical thinking and maintain openness to innovations. We enable digital transformation and actively seek to improve processes via digital solutions.

Principle 8: Education and Best Practice

We view education as a life-long process that we facilitate with continuous training. We actively attend conferences and follow developments in the investment industry. We interact with our peers to share best practices.

Principle 9: Transparency and Relationship Management

We provide full and open dissemination of relevant information on a consistent basis. We cultivate a fair and transparent communication approach with our counterparties in order to establish active and meaningful long-term cooperation.


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Principle 10: Ethics and Reputation

We always act in line with the Code of Conduct to protect and live up to EUROFIMA’s reputation in the financial markets and beyond. We avoid any conflicts of interest.