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since 1956

We finance rolling stock with a non-profit mission to support development of public passenger rail transportation across Europe...

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A path for a clean future

The goal of promoting sustainability is at the core of EUROFIMA’s public mission. Supporting the growth and development of passenger rail transport is key to addressing the problem of CO2 emissions attributable to the transportation sector.

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Solutions tailored to your needs

We push new frontiers to provide financial solutions that meet the evolving demands of public passenger railway in Europe.

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EUROFIMA keeps its "Prime" status based on ISS ESG ranking

According to the latest ranking by ISS oekom, EUROFIMA’s ESG Corporate Rating was upgraded to C+. With a performance score of 57.70, evaluated as of June 2021, EUROFIMA is placed in the second decile rank in the industry, keeping its “Prime” status which emphasizes EUROFIMA’s best-in-class performance.

EUROFIMA is identified as a fully climate-aligned issuer

On July 5th, the Climate Bond Initiative published the Climate Investment Opportunities: Climate-Aligned Bonds & Issuers Report for 2020. This report demonstrates a comprehensive analysis of unlabeled climate-aligned bonds market, i.e., bonds that are not explicitly labelled as green, social, or sustainable, but are categorized as bonds that support climate-aligned projects or activities.



Impact Report

We believe in putting sustainable principles into practice in every aspect of our business. Discover our Impact Report by clicking on the link below.

Impact Report 2021


Our values

We pursue a long-term, responsible and risk-conscious business policy.

We believe in putting sustainable principles into practice in every aspect of business. Discover our Impact.

We take responsibility for the quality of our work. We behave and comply with the statutes and adhere to relevant voluntary standards.

We offer our staff long-term professional perspectives in conjunction with a wide-ranging further training programme.


We are hiring

EUROFIMA currently employs 28 highly educated, qualified and motivated professionals who actively contribute to the organisation’s success. Our staff are one of our most important assets and it is our goal to provide a sustainable, diverse and rewarding working environment that fosters competence, commitment and cooperation and where all employees are treated with dignity and respect.









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Average length of service

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