Press release - Approved amendments to Statutes
NEWS 09.10.2018

Press release - Approved amendments to Statutes

Basel, Switzerland
9th October, 2018

EUROFIMA European Company for the Financing of Railroad Rolling Stock

Approved amendments to Statutes


EUROFIMA is a supranational organisation located in Basel, Switzerland. It was established in 1956 based on an international treaty between 25 European sovereign states so far (each a “EUROFIMA Contracting State”).

EUROFIMA fulfils a mission to support the development of public railway transportation in Europe. It supports the railways which are its shareholders as well as certain other railway bodies in renewing and modernising their equipment. EUROFIMA lends the proceeds of its borrowings and equity capital, where relevant, pursuant to loans entered into between EUROFIMA as lender and its railway shareholders as borrowers for the financing of the purchase by its railway shareholders of railway equipment.

Approved amendments to Statutes

On 8th May, 2018 EUROFIMA announced that it initiated the process to amend its Statutes. The amendments proposed by the Board intended to clarify the relevant conditions that public transport authorities and private transport operators must fulfil in order to be admitted as shareholders or to have access to loans from EUROFIMA.

Today the amendments to the Statutes of EUROFIMA as announced on the 8th May, 2018 have become effective.

The amended Statutes were approved by the General Assembly of EUROFIMA on 5th June, 2018 and were reviewed by the 25 EUROFIMA Contracting States during a three-months period from 26th June, 2018 to 26th September, 2018. On 5th October, 2018 the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs notified the EUROFIMA Contracting States that the review period had ended and that, as no objection was raised, the amended Statutes can come into force. Today the Commercial Register of Basel, Switzerland informed EUROFIMA that the amended Statutes are registered and thereby became effective.

New strategy of EUROFIMA

The amendments to the Statutes open the supranational organization for new shareholders and customers. Additionally to the national railways of the EUROFIMA Contracting States, going forward railway authorities, railway infrastructure managers, and private railway operators that are subject to public service obligations will be invited to become shareholders of EUROFIMA in order to benefit from its advantageous financing terms. EUROFIMA is now looking forward to resuming its lending business and coming back to the debt capital markets in Q4 2018.

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