Our updated Big Opportunity Statement is now out
NEWS 09.03.2022

Our updated Big Opportunity Statement is now out

EUROFIMA’s staff is glad to share its updated Big Opportunity Statement. Now, it not only fully reflects our goals and objectives with focus on sustainability, but it also clearly states the approach we take in our daily operations.

The core part of the document is our answers to the question “What do we want to achieve?

First and foremost, we want to become a financing partner of choice for our shareholders. There are two aspects of our funding activities, which we believe will help us with that: keeping a strong financial risk profile and providing a unique opportunity for any investors to gain exposure in sustainable mobility. The latter is also the slogan of our investor relations campaign. 

Moreover, all investments made are aimed to satisfy our strict sustainability criteria, which means we integrate ESG-considerations when allocating our assets.

We strive to continue being a great place to work, where differences in staff members are seen as our strengths and are valued for all the perspectives they bring to the working environment.  We want every EUROFIMA’s employee to always feel secure, valued and having opportunities for advancement.

In meantime, we want to stay agile while maintaining our efficiency. This means working as a united team, establishing necessary links between various processes, and considering all latest technological and digital developments when accomplishing the tasks. While doing these, we stay within the pre-agreed risks and limits but with the full flexibility on choosing the most suitable approach and tactic.

Finally, the Big Opportunity Statement once again emphasizes our holistic approach towards sustainability and us putting it at the center of our activities.  Besides integrating ESG into our daily business, we also acknowledge our readiness to search and to incorporate the sustainable solutions on an individual level.

If you want to learn more, please contact the Sustainability committee (sustainability@eurofima.org)