EUROFIMA achieved B+ Inrate ESG impact grade
NEWS 22.09.2022

EUROFIMA achieved B+ Inrate ESG impact grade

EUROFIMA’s ESG impact grade by the Swiss sustainability rating agency – Inrate has improved from C+ to B+. According to the Inrate’s report as of September 2022, the grade B+ (which is higher than the industry average) concludes EUROFIMA to be on the path of sustainability and affirms EUROFIMA’s membership to the  Swiss Bond ESG Index (SBI ESG) , defined by the SIX Group in collaboration with Inrate.


Inrate is an independent Swiss sustainability rating agency and the leading provider of ESG Data for Swiss issuers and sustainability data. Inrate’s ESG Impact Ratings consolidate the footprints of economic activities according to their significance with regards to the achievement of sustaina ble development goals. It is an economic measure as it takes into account the economic size of the footprints and the Ratings are ranking all issuers in an asset class and the asset classes among themselves.

SIX Group operates the infrastructure for the Swiss financial center, through the offering of exchange services, financial information and banking services. SIX Group is Inrate’s partner for index solutions regarding the Swiss market. The rule based approach of the SIX Group Index team together with the solid quantitative approach enables a transparent and systematic linking of ESG aspects with the requirements of market wide indices.