The third pillar of EUROFIMA’s ESG framework prescribes engagements with the companies Treasury & Asset Management unit invests in or counterparties that EUROFIMA is entering in financial transactions with. Proactive engagement with investee companies on ESG topics includes either individual or collective engagement encouraging the revision of their ESG approach for any positive change.

ESG Investments Framework

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The Investee Engagement Guidelines (IEG), in turn, provide a detailed overview of EUROFIMA’s engagement approach, scope and principles of engagements, as well as individual responsibilities of EUROFIMA staff. The document clearly defines two investee engagement objectives: the compliance with the fiduciary duty towards EUROFIMA’s shareholders and the commitment to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

The EUROFIMA staff involved in its investment activities will adhere to four main stewardship principles outlined in the document, which are:


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Principle 1 Monitoring:

the Treasury & Asset Management unit, with support from other internal units, will regularly monitor its investee companies


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Principle 2 Governance:

the objectives and practical aspects of ESG engagement form the Investee Engagement Guidelines document


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Principle 3 Transparency:

the Investee Engagement Guidelines, as well as relevant reporting on engagement results, will be made publicly available


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Principle 4 Best Practice:

the portfolio managers can and should consider collaborating with other asset managers/asset owners/investment consultants to learn about their best practices regarding their engagement process

The Investee Engagement Guidelines are effective as of 1 January 2022. The guidelines will be applied to 100% of EUROFIMA’s investments and all financial transactions with counterparties.

The Investee Engagements Handout (version April/May 2022) is a short and comprehensive document presenting an overview of the holistic approach EUROFIMA has adopted towards sustainability. It ourlines the past decisions, recent developments, and some learnings from experience so far.

EUROFIMA has published its first Annual Engagement Report, which is a comprehensive summary of all our discussions with investees throughout 2022.

For more information, please, contact Kristina Micic, Portfolio Manager & ESG Analyst

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